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Integration Portfolio

Annie Vidrine
University of Louisiana Monroe
CURR 5018
Online Class
Technology will not replace
great teachers but technology
in the hands of great teachers
can be transformational.
George Couros

 Learning is a process that occurs when new knowledge and skills are acquired in multiple ways. This new information is linked to earlier connections and knowledge the learner has previously experienced.  Learning is driven by student collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking and is motivated by a learner's curiosity, personal interests, or other motivating factors. Teaching is a process of facilitating and encouraging meaningful learning and experiences through the use of best practices based on each individual student's needs.   Technology can improve the teaching and learning experience by providing opportunities that enhance and transform the processes of learning and teaching.

Teaching-Learning-Technology Statement

This website was created as a signature assignment for the CURR 5018 course of the   University of Louisiana Monroe's Master of Education in Educational Technology Leadership.

Learning with Tablets
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