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Ancient Egyptian

Egyptian tomb wall-painting, circa 1826 British Library Photo from Unsplash


Take a Virtual Tour

Ramses IV by Osama Elsayed at Unsplash

Visit the tomb of King Seti I by taking a virtual tour through the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt


Visit a 3D Museum Exhibit

Coffin Lid of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu by Avrand6 CC BY SA 4.0


Explore Ancient Egyptian artifacts through 3D models with this 3D Museum Exhibit.


Read a Newspaper

Photo by Jeremy Zero--Unsplash

Flip through a newspaper to learn more about the Inundation season and the Nile River in this ancient Egyptian newspaper.


Fascinated With


Check out the timeline infographic to learn the steps in the mummification process and check out the "Resources" page for more amazing mummy information. 


Egyptian Sarcophagus by Mary Harrsh CC BY-SA 2.0 at Flickr

Be Sure to Check Out These Ancient Egyptian Trading Cards

Click here for a closer look

King Tut Trading Card Back (1).jpg
King Tut Trading Card Front (1).jpg
Shaduf Trading Card Back.jpg
My Post (6).png
Queen Hatshepsut Trading Cards Back (1).jpg
Queen Hatshepsut Trading Card Front (1).jpg

Check out this Trading Card Creator for instructions to make your own! 

Photo by Jeremy Zero--Unsplash

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